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Pre-Theatre Pre-Fix – Why does it matter?

You have scored tickets to the one of the hottest shows on Broadway – Get on Your Feet, American in Paris or Hamilton  – and now comes the next challenge of securing reservations at a restaurant which you can bear to eat at, has a good wine list, and most importantly, won’t require you to make a 4:00 PM reservation to make it to your 7:30 PM show. One way to do this is to find out if the restaurant offers a Pre-Theatre menu. This is a limited set menu (pre-fixe) of items which the kitchen can get make within limited timeframe – after all, you don’t want to be late! Let’s first do away with some of the misconceptions – this is, generally speaking, a great menu and the portions are generous! Just because it’s Pre-Theatre Pre-Fixe, doesn’t mean that it is smaller portions or will be pre-made and heated up in a microwave when you order it – that’s for take-out – not fine dining. It also doesn’t mean it is inexpensive. Most range between $29-50 per person before alcohol, tax or tip in the theatre district. Here at Kellari, our Pre-Theatre Menu is available until 7:00 PM every night. Our two-course offering is competitively priced $33 per person, and three-courses are $39 per person. Either one is an excellent choice and you’ll make it to the theatre without breaking leg to get there on time!

Click here to see our Pre-Theatre menus or click here to make a reservation.




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